Authors: Victor H. Anderson (1917-2001)

Victor Anderson

Victor H. Anderson is the acclaimed author of four books including Thorns of the Blood Rose; Lilith's Garden; and coauthor, with Cora Anderson, of Etheric Anatomy: The Three Selves and Astral Travel and The Heart of the Initiate. He was a featured contributor to Witch Eye, Green Egg, and Nemeton magazines. In 1975 he won the Clover International Poetry Competition Award.

Anderson was the Grand Master and, with his wife, Cora, the seminal teacher of the Faery (Feri) Tradition. An extraordinary shaman and priest, he was one of the last Kahuna as well as a Houngan. As such, he trained some of the most influential voices in neo-Paganism. He held ministerial credentials from the Covenant of the Goddess and Universal Life Church.

An accident during childhood left Anderson almost totally without sight. As a result, he attended a school for the blind. Largely self-educated, he had a deep love of science, literature, music, and world spiritual traditions. He was an avid reader, storyteller, and a brilliant linguist who spoke numerous languages, including Spanish, Hawaiian, Creole, Greek, and Gaelic.

Praise for Victor Anderson

Victor was a true bard, as evidenced by the beautiful legacy of poetry he infused into the Feri Tradition.
Witch Eye zine

Victor was one of my first teachers in the Craft. I will always be grateful for the worlds he opened up for me... He was fierce, passionate, powerful, real. An inspired poet, he was a brilliant creator of myth and liturgy. He was allied spiritually with all the indigenous traditions of the planet; a true shaman.
—Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance

Victor Anderson, the most important exponent of the Feri/Faery Faith in America, is also the person responsible for bringing it to this country. Victor has been a teacher and friend to some of the most influential personalities in the Craft today...

The name of Victor Anderson is mentioned with a great deal of reverence, as he is one of the few direct descendents of this ancient faith. He is a keeper of the flame.
—Ellen Evert Hopman, Being a Pagan (with Lawrence Bond)

Victor wrote beautifully poetic rituals for the Faerie Tradition. Over the years, a number of remarkable people were trained by Victor... The influence of the shamanic tradition now called 'Feri' has been enormous.
—Oberon Zell-Ravenheart, Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard

Even from the other side of the veil, Victor Anderson continues to offer valuable teachings to magical folk of all kinds.
—M. Macha NightMare, author of Pagan Pride and coauthor, with Starhawk, of The Pagan Book of Living and Dying

Robert Graves once said that any 'true' poem is an invocation to the Goddess. Surely no poet's work passes this test as consistently as Victor Anderson's. Each poem is an initiation, an epiphany, a spell. And in the exegesis of Witchcraft, it is not the essayist, but the poet, who must take the seat of honor.
—Mike Nichols, author of The Witches' Sabbats

Victor may be even more influential in the Witch and Pagan movement than Gerald Gardner in the long run. He wrote very little, but his students have burst upon the scene over and over with the most creative and forceful visions of any set of trainees I have ever seen. Either more creative, dynamic and intelligent people were attracted to him, or he truly was exceptional.
—Penny J. Novack, author of A Gift for Living, and a contributor to Celebrating the Pagan Soul, Drawing Down the Moon, and Green Egg magazine

If you are going to study Faerie, you owe it to yourself to know about Victor Anderson and the Feri Tradition.
—Pook La Roux, Web crafter