Authors: Cora Anderson (1915 - 2008)

Cora Anderson

Cora Anderson is the author of Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition; Kitchen Witch: A Memoir; Childhood Memories; and coauthor, with Victor H. Anderson, of Etheric Anatomy: The Three Selves and Astral Travel and The Heart of the Initiate. She was a contributing writer to Potpourri of Cookery. Her articles were featured in Witch Eye and Circle magazines, and her recipes were published in Women's Circle and T. Babes Recipe Service. She also wrote a feature column, "Letters from a Hill Witch," at Lilith's Lantern.

Cora was a Grand Master and, with her husband, Victor, the foremost teacher of the Faery (Feri) Tradition. She helped train some of the most influential voices in neo-Paganism. A natural kitchen Witch, Cora worked as a hospital cook for many years, and often charged the food with healing energy for the patients. Her straightforward approach to the Craft earned her the respect and admiration of many around the world.

Raised in rural Alabama, in the southern Appalachians, Cora came from a family tradition of folk magic and healing. She received a two-year diploma in children's education from Jacksonville State Teacher's College in Alabama. She also held a certificate in autobiographical writing from Chabot College in Hayward, California. She held a ministerial certificate from the Covenant of the Goddess.

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Praise for Cora Anderson

Visiting Victor and Cora meant stepping into a magical realm hidden behind the facade of an ordinary suburban house. Victor would sit in his rocking chair; I'd ask questions, and he would roam the galaxies in his answers. Cora would chime in with warmth, wisdom and common sense. And then we might go do magic ...
—Starhawk, author of The Spiral Dance

A genuine elder of the Craft
—Colin Davis, designer, Eden Imaginative